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Our Story

Serving Central NY with Great Food for Over 40 Years!

Sam Awwad, a young immigrant, starts a restaurant called The Chicken Basket in North Syracuse. Over the next few years, Sam and his wife, Nazar, perfect his delicious recipes and build a loyal following. Sam creates his famous "seasoned fries," the ones we sell today. In 1980, Sam makes a difficult decision and sells his business to send his children to college.

One year later, people miss Sam's chicken and food, and he misses it, too. He opens Sam's Chicken Land in Solvay at 527 Charles Ave. Sam and his wife Nazar keep the decor simple and focus on the food and their customers.

Greg Hrynyk buys the business in April. He quickly realizes that many customers today were customers when Sam first opened the doors more than 29 years ago.

Greg is committed to continuing Sam's traditions and offering the same great food and service at reasonable prices to his customers.

Sam's Recipe For Success
Offer great food at a reasonable price. Always be honest with the customer. At Sam's, chickens and steaks are bought fresh daily from a local butcher. The steaks are hand cut. The chicken is seasoned every morning with Sam's own seasonings.

Every dish is prepared from Sam's recipe, with his own sauces.

Patrons at Sam's order the food just the way they want it. There are 135 different ways to make a steak and cheese sub!